About us.

PCO Smart is a specialist learning and assessment centre designed to give full in-house service to all those seeking new opportunities within the private hire industry within and outside London. We are located in West London (Acton) less than 3 minutes from A40 and few meters away from North Acton tube station.

All of our assessors and development coaches are qualified and university graduates who have mastered the art of development as well as being able to teach to a high standard. Unlike our competitors we pride our self on providing a high quality service along with state-of-the-art learning facilities. PCO Smart has a unique business model that allow us to charge lower prices than our competitors. We hold weekly assessments through our two learning centre every week, this is done through prior booking only.

Our aim in the future is to provide all services in-house under one system where it is more convenient and faster for a customer to complete all necessary form required for them to submit their application and to reduce overall delays caused as a result of this.