How much do you charge to fill in PCO Application forms?

Our advisors will go through the application form and fill in the required sections and advise you on any forms that cannot be filled in by us. This service costs just £30. It’s worth every penny as it will give you piece of mind that the correct sections have been filled and you won’t face any possible delays with your application.

We will also photocopy any of your supported documents you are required to give with your PCO licence application.

What forms need to be filled for a PCO Minicab licence?

The PCO Licence Application Forms you need are as follows:

PCO Licence Application Form (PHV/203)

PCO Medical Form (TPH/204)

TMG CRB – We will help you apply for this online

Download the PCO Licence Application Form Here.

What do I need to fill in my PCO Licence application form?

Make sure you are 21 years of age or older, have a valid UK or EEA state driving licence for at least 3 years, make an application for your enhanced DBS certificate (this is your CRB application) and have the right to work in the UK. You will also need a recent passport sized photo, just one will do. Also bring your Full drivers licence and passport, as you have to send photocopies with your PCO application.